Monday, March 9

Wanted - Let the Children come to me

This painting, «Let the Children come to me" made by the German painter Lucas Cranach the elder, was stolen from Larvik Church Saturday night. The precise date of the stolen painting, which shows Christ in a blue robe holding two infants in his lap and surrounded by several women with small children and a few men, was not known. The market value is estimated to ab. 15 - 20 mill nok.
Cranach the Elder ranks among the most significant German Renaissance painters, along with masters such as Albrecht Durer. Friendship united the painter with the Protestant Reformers at a very early period; yet it is difficult to fix the time of his first acquaintance with Luther. The oldest reference to Cranach in the Reformer's correspondence dates from 1520.

I have never heard about Cranach before the news of the stolen painting, and I am not very interested in religious motives. I have though through Wikipedia found that he also made other motives and this one may be in contrast to the one stolen (or maybe the same in a different context)Werwolf from 1512.

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