Friday, March 13

Doors and Entrances

Wednesday we had + 7 C, blue sky, women in trench coats and high heals strolling Bogstadveien here in Oslo. Today king winter returned and added more than 10 cm new snow in the streets. In today "the Doors" contribution we take you to Tuscany and Italy.

There is fortunately no restrictions within this meme that photos only should be of closed Doors. My first door this Friday is thus an open door at Hotel Duomo, Florence Italy.
We could really say that we during our stay had a "room with a view" from our balcony facing the majestic Santa Maria del Fiore, Il Doumo.

Close to the Cathedral you find the Baptistery, which is one of the oldest constructions of Florence and goes back to the IV century. The gilded bronze door facing east and Il Duomo are by made by Lorenzo Ghiberti.
Michelangelo referred to the baptistery doors as fit to be the "Gates of Paradise", and they are still invariably referred to by this name. Giorgio Vasari described them a century later as "undeniably perfect in every way and must rank as the finest masterpiece ever created". Ghiberti himself said they were "the most singular work that I have ever made".
When in Italy looking for doors, I will recommend a visit to Verona (Via delle arche Scaligere, 2-4) and the entrance to the House of Romeo (and Juliet)
The motorway E 45 (European designation; in Italy A 22, in Austria also called A 13) leading from Innsbruck via Bolzano to Verona and Modena goes through one of the most important north-south connections in Europe.
This entrance is called the Brenner Pass.
The mountain pass through the Alps along the border between Italy and Austria, is the lowest (1370 m). Previously problematic border controls made long queues in the narrow roads, but now the motorway and EU regulations like the Schengen Agreement have made traffic unproblematic although heavy in certain periods.
Have a nice stay in Italy.


RuneE said...

Her fikk du jo med både dører og kone, så da blir det en bra post!

Gräddelina said...

De säger att alla vägar bär till Rom. From nu skulle jag vilja säga att bakom alla dörrar finns det rum. Är man en Arne finns det också kärlek i varje öga ;-)

Catherine said...

I love doors Arne! And you have some beautiful ones beautifully captured here! The one in Italy is my fav~wow its gorgeous!