Tuesday, March 24

Flowers in Portugal

This morning we have participated in a meeting with other pensioners from DNV. First we heard one of Norway´s most well-known reporters Bjørn Hansen (URIX NRK) talking about "Obama - where goes USA", and then we had a nice lunch with people we joined on a tour to Portugal last year.
This tour have been covered before, but since spring and its flowers are a repeatedly published theme in other blog this time of the year, I will here show some of the flowers we saw at the southern cost of Portugal and on our journey to Lisbon.First I show the beautiful blue Jacaranda from Faro. This flower can be seen all over the world and in many parts of the world, such as Mexico and Zimbabwe, the blooming of this TREE is welcomed as a sign of spring.At Ponte da Piedad close to Lagos at the Algarve coast, the original Aloe Vera is blooming.and the white and pink succulent flowers above the caves is there for you to see and enjoy. Behind the horizon you find America. Going north by bus or car you need to have some body regulated stops, and at a petrol station on our way to Evora, these pink carpets was unable to let go without photo shooting.In the south the oranges can be harvested at least twice a year,and the Nesperas, also known as Loquat or Japanese Plums, are a very common fruit in Portugal at this time of year.


Ivar Ivrig said...

Vakkert. Synd det er så lang vinter her. Er flott når det er frodig og blomstrer slik :-)

RuneE said...

Der skulle vi ha vøri kal'