Thursday, April 2

Almost finished - Time for a break

January 2. 2009 I shot the photo below in Holtegaten, Oslo. The snowy winter had not yet arrived and there was an active workforce (although not on the photo) engaged in reconstructing the tracks for the city train (no 19. Briskebytrikken).
The road was closed for public traffic and has now been closed for six months making the life for people living in the houses less disturbed of heavy traffic, but many times more noisy due to engineering machines working 24/7 and difficulty to access their homes without any open street. This morning the workers could take a well earned break in the upcoming spring sun.
The tram is once more in operation and
the street is almost ready for public traffic and resident parking. There atre many interesting houses from late 1800 in this area under the Uranienborg church. Western Uranienborg as "Fru Fletfrid Andresen" from Øvre Singsaker called it.

If you want to know more about Architectural History in Oslo just click on the link and find your address of concern.

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RuneE said...

Det er bra du bor i en by som i alle fall har skjønt noe om kollektivtrafikk.