Thursday, April 30

Palma de Mallorca - Details

In a comment to yesterday post, RuneE asked for some details. Understandingly from a photo blogger with professional equipment and more focused on the photography than describing experience and environment and document the text as I see it.
Nevertheless some details can be presented.The temperature at the marketplace in Soller, and the old Majorcan resting in the shadow below.The decoration over the main entrance to La Seu:and below here, parts of other facades and doors in the streets of Palma:

If entering the patios behind the front door different staircases can be found.The reception at our dinner restaurant:
At last and as a special tribute to GundaM and her "wreckage" or "drifting timber" found at her seashore. They sell your products in Palma too.


alexander said...

Nice and warm. :D
Its a great place to be. Very beautiful buildings and surroundings.

Alex's World! -

Randi's Tanker said...

Beautiful photos!

GundaM said...

Neimen, se der ja!!! Ikke bare meg som driver og koser meg med driv veden ;0) GundaM, nå også i Spanien!
ha en flott helg Arne, måtte været være bra der du er!

RuneE said...

Takker så mye - det gir et mer rendyrket inntrykk av en del av opplevelsene. Det er ofte ikke et enten eller - men et både og. Likte spesielt godt mannen på benken.

PS Er på hytten - med noe begrenset båndbredde.