Sunday, April 19

A young boy and his experiences

Yesterday I received this photo through iPhone from Wales. A Hedgehog was found in the garden and young Henrik wanted to touch it. Happily with his hand and not going for hugging this alien creature. He immediately withdraw his hand; an experience earned.
An other experience, to the appreciation of the grandfather, was his first painting of spring. Continue working with colors and my studio will be here for you.

April is capricious here in the northern hemisphere.
Friday was warm and sunny where chaos at outdoor restaurants was the correct description. Everyone wanted a seat at Aker Brygge, and sun protection cream should have been served together with pints and white wines.
Yesterday the wind turned chilly coming from north again and almost cold air made it impossible to sit outside if not using overcoats, caps and gloves. Indoor lunch in front of the fireplace and the same at home in the evening was not only cosy, but almost necessary. The red Bordeauex superior Chateau de Seguin and some mature cheeses made the evening delightful.
Since the weather forecast for the upcoming week in Oslo is predicted like the figure above, we look forward to a better anticipated forecast in a town more south.
Have a nice week with your weather wherever you are.


RuneE said...

Pass deg for Salmonella!

PS Interessant sak i din kommentar.

david mcmahon said...

April is also capricious here in the southern hemisphere, Arne!!

Anne said...

Hvor har det blitt av alle piggsvina her til lands tro??? kjørt over alle sammen???

Lew said...

Watching a child learn new things is a delightful experience, especially the ones with unbounded curiosity!