Wednesday, April 8

Easter in Gethsemane and Copenhagen

"Christ in Gethsemane" made by Carlo Dolci late 1600 is my introduction to Easter and our short trip to Copenhagen, the Capital of Denmark this week. The beautiful painting is to be found in the National Gallery together with a lot of other masterpieces that will be presented tomorrow.
After leaving Oslo at 5 am Monday morning we could cross "RĂ„dhusplassen" (City Hall Square) a few minutes before noon.At Nyhavn we had our lunch and the editor of this blog could once more express his satisfaction of the Danish Breakfast consisting of herring, soles, chicken salad, meat ball, liver pate, roast beef, and cheeses accompanied with pints and aquavit.The next photo is taken at the entrance of our hotel showing spring flowers together with the most beautiful of them all: Tullen.
The Blue Scillas i the Kings Garden can be an natural introduction to the cultural artworks in the museum, some of which I will show you tomorrow..

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