Wednesday, April 1

This is no joke on April Fools-day

I have not been in the mode to create an April 1st joke this year.
I was thinking of leaking information from a cafe table when I overheard a conversation yesterday between two Labor politicians. They were frustrated once more that the administration in Justice department made another new turn in the highly secret process around allowing hijab in every positions in the police and armed forces. They just had to accept that the socialist party needs ONE major victory in the government before the election campaign starts as a compensation for not leaving NATO and double the forces in Afghanistan. The Press conference will take place later.

However, April Fools-day or not, only an opportunity to see more of Kate Moss and her new collection at TopShop coming up tomorrow.Perhaps somebody like to see this post in connection with ABC Wednesday, so
K is for Kate?


RuneE said...

Jeg tror du har funnet en forkjærlighet her - bra studie!

Anemone said...

Glad i damer du Arne :-)) flott det!!

Ikke lurt noen i dag jeg heller...,

...og heller ikke blitt lurt (eller bare lurt!! kanskje...)

ArneA said...

Noen har tydligvært tilhørere på nabobordet.
Hijab i Coast Guard

Carolina said...

Kate Moss is very pretty (and incredibly bendy). Have you heard her speak? She sounds so different from the way she looks. I was shocked the first time I heard her.
Hehe, come to think of it, with me it's exactly the opposite ;-)

Sherrie said...

Wonderful "K" post! Kate if very beautiful! Have a great day!!


Tumblewords: said...

Good Kate!

TorAa said...

Well, honestly, Kate Moss is just Air for me.
That said.
I agree, what's going on internally in the present Soria Moria Government in Norway?
Do they tell Fairytales? Or do they dream about Fairytales?
I'm not able to find out, but have remarked a certain distance in what they say and what actually are realized as a result. hmm;))