Thursday, April 2

Thursday Urban Life - Outdoor drinks

Still a few days until Easter Holiday begins. The temperature in Oslo´s urban areas is above 10 C and sitting in the sun at Aker Brygge makes life even more great than my slogan at the heading indicates.
Been visiting my Eye Doctor today, and she was very satisfied with the post operative development. No cancer, healing according to prognosis and still in no need of glasses (except when reading, my arms are too short)
Today strolling ended up at an outdoor restaurant with a glass of Chardonnay, looking at people strolling at the seashore and licking the sunbeams under full control of UV protection creams. The weather is still a little bit chilly in the shadow so spring clothing is required. A few days until Easter, but decorations in shops give clear signals of time-glass counting.


Anemone said...

Så bra!!!! Arne. gode nyheter får vi aldri nok av :-)

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Härligt Arne! Äntligen är det vår, det kändes lite trögt i år. Fina Ägg du hittat, fin inspiration iför påsken. Ha det gott i vårsolen!
mvh Tyra

Anonymous said...

Godt å lese at du har hatt en suksessfull øyeoperasjon. Og Akerbrygge ser innbydende ut i forhold til snøhel.... vi har oppe hos oss i Sandvika. Kanskje verdt en tur en dag snart.

R and J said...

Long time since I peeped into your blog...Nice Påsk feelingS!
BTW, my daughter got also 28 on the 29th of March...

RuneE said...

Bra at det går bra med øyet - men pass deg for kulden!

TorAa said...

This a honest and brilliant post about how Norwegians blossoms when Spring arrives at 60 degrees North.
Nothing can stop the fizzy blood when the sun shines in the long awaited Spring.

- a Pint please
- a Chardonnay please
Whatever amount. Have to do it.

Great Post