Tuesday, April 28

Palma de Mallorca - Culinary delights

As mentioned yesterday Mercat de l´Olivar is the main food market in Palma de Mallorca. Visit the indoor mall in the morning. Meat, vegetables, fruit and cheese are lined up in separate stalls in a delicious presentation with good documentation of type, quality and prices.
The Serrano cured ham is sold in a variety of prices and the top quality is called Jamón ibérico or pata negra,
Fresh vegetables (see fruits in yesterday post) are lined up and not covered in plastic as we see in ordinary supermarkets.
In gardens the lemon trees are carrying mature fruits, and if traveling by train from Soller the track goes through lemon farmland.
Lunch menus are normally standardized and pastas, pizzas, tortillas and salads can be found all over the island and cities. The salad portions are large with mixed lettuce and tasteful sauces. Recommendation goes to Salad Roquefort and Spanish Omelet.
In public areas entertainment (and begging?) are normal, and we were surprised of the quality by the performers. No "Rose of Donau" on Accordion in Palma as we are more than fed up with here in Oslo
After lunch visit some of the small specialist shops selling Sobrasada, a Majorcan sausage, and a typical Spanish Mediterranean product. This one is located in C. St Domingo 5.
Tapas is the name of a wide variety of appetizers you can get at almost all bars and restaurants. Instead of peanuts and olives Tapas can be taken together with a drink on your way to your dinner restaurant. Forn des Teatre became our "local" during these days.
Tourists are normally recommended to visit the Sa Llotja area of Palma, crammed with (international) restaurants, bars and clubs offering live music from flamenco to jazz to blues. Many stay open until 3pm or 4pm, although officially 2pm is wind-down time.
We found "our place" not far from the hotel. At Celler sa Premsa you can have suckling pig or shoulder of lamb which are culinary delights.


RuneE said...

Fine reisebilder - skulle gjerne vært en tur.

Anne said...

Velkommen hjem etter det som virker til å ha vært en fantastisk tur. Mye flott mat, ja det finnes faktisk utenfor frysedisken på Rema også!!

Varme og finvær har dere hatt, men det har vi hjemme også ja. I forrige uke måtte det jo være opp mot 20 grader i sola i Oslo tenker jeg. Og jeg travet gatelangs..., med kamera og smil i hjerte, men den pub-en fant jeg da ikke??? Husker en gang du fotalte den lå ikke så langt ifra Rica Victoria?? jeg leita og leita, så jeg til slutt fikk de vannblemmene. Jeg bare MÅ få Tullens kurs i bruk av høye hæler på asfalt og brostein.

Ellers rimelig lei av jazz..., for hadde rom tydligvis rett over en jazzklubb i Rozenkransgate :-((

Bilder fra turen kommer etterhvert på fotobloggen min vet du :-))

Anonymous said...

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