Sunday, December 6

Christmas decorations

Taking a break from all the TV-Sport and make a quick walk in the neighborhood. The shops are loaded with Christmas decorations and this Polar Bear has made a long trip from the Arctic to Majorstuen. Maybe the climate changes are real?
Valkyriegaten is one of the mail roads leading up to Majorstuen, but often we see a fight between the public trafic trams and parked cars. The sparkling tree at Valkyrie Square was illimunated last Sunday.
Here we have the evidence. Santa is not coming down the chimneys (At least not before the Christmas eve), although these houses have fireplaces in most rooms. May be he is worried to be burnt. He is here caught when climbing up the wall like Spiderman. His ladder is sparkling.
This last photo is only added to document that the Vigeland Sculpture Park was my target and turning point for the walk today.


Anne said...

Utorlig arti, og faktisk har jeg vært inne på tanken selv også, forevige endel julepynt en ser på sin vei, kanskje ikke just fordi det er så pent men... den siste her tok nok `kaka` da... mennoe særlig julete?? neppe... kaldt til dem ja!

9na said...

Fint med mye lys men av ogtil kan det bli litt for glorete synes jeg...