Friday, December 4

Friday (Sky watching, reflections, bench, etc) whatever

It is Friday and time to visit "fru Burum´s" (Tomorrow it it Christmas Jazz from 4 pm at same venue). However, it is also time to follow up the good intention referred to in my yesterday post; Photos from Bygdøy, but first this greetings:

How to clean up for Christmas?
1: Create a file on your PC
2: Name the file "mess in the house"
3: Delete the file
4: computer will now ask,
"Do you want to delete the mess in the HOUSE permanent"?

Answer YES.
Put your legs on the table, take a beer and read a book.
Merry Christmas!

And now back to yesterday Bygdøy-photos: (Please click on the pictures to see them larger)

My first photo is from the frozen fields at Bygdøy Royal Estate (Bygdøy Kongsgård). The estate is of about 2 mill square meters and occupies a large part of the peninsula Most of the area is an open forest park.
On the other side of Bygdøy we find Huk Beach where lots of Oslo citizens take a swim 24/7 during the summertime. The restaurant is closed for now, but the reflections suits well into that weekend meme. At Huk I find my first Bench of this week. Take a rest and let the smell and light impressions from the Oslo Fjord with the low sun, conquer your mind.Even better if you move about 100 meters from the shore and include this huge sculpture in your view of the fjord.
Close to Huk you may see the million-path. In 2005 the Government bought the property Schiøttsvei 8 with the house on the top for 30 mill nok. A year later they sold the house only for 25 mnok. To open this small area for the public, we had to pay 5 mnok. In addition they made another extra expenditure for upgrading Bygdøy Sjøbad and the areas around for 15 mnok. It became a costly symbolic environmental policy for the socialist government.

Innover fjorden en snekke gled,
akk hvor timene flyr.
Bakenom åsen gikk solen ned,
da vi kom til Dyna fyr.
From Huk you can find Dyna Lighthouse from 1874. In the backgroun you see Ekebergåsen.
Remember the song about Midsummer in Oslo and what can happen at Hovedøen.
The best all year walking trail at Bygdøy is on the south western side through the King´s forest. It is however possible to walk all around the peninsula if you accept that some property owners are practicing their right to have solemn private access to the sea. Use the public streets for part of the trail.
On that tour you will pass the The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History ( with Houses from the old town)

Turning right at this point and passing Oscarshall (see yesterday) another bench has been used for two. May be they had to rest before the last climbing.
around the cliff and just under Rodeløkken cafe.

The whole tour took me two and a half hours yesterday (15km), and I cannot put all the time into taking photos. But I must admit that entering my own street longing for a shower, was good.


RuneE said...

Det var en meget respektabel tur - med godt utbytte på alle måter. men man kan aldri ta for mange bilder!! :-)

PS takk for rådet om rydding. Skal se om det hjelper...

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos Arne. My favorite is the bench at Huk Beach, third photo down. This one is special.

I love your Merry Christmas poem. Great advice.

Nefertiti said...

great photo

good w end

Pat said...

Thanks - enjoyed the tour. That reflection photo was so unbelievable - the water was like a mirror. I love photos of benches - they just call to me.

We love Luna said...

Wonderful post, your blog is really cool!Congratulations!
I loved the reflections and the bench picture.This place is so beautiful!
Happy weekend reflections,
purrs and love

Anonymous said...

Really lovely photos ~ I especially liked your reflection capture and the mystical bench with mist.


Weekend Reflection ~ Evening Canals

mbkatc230 said...

Beautiful tour! What a lovely place for a hike. That second shot is just wonderful, the sky looks like it goes on forever. Kathy

Anne said...

Ohoi, takk for den turen da!! arti å være med deg på tur Arne, i alle fall når man sitter her hjemme med sexy røst som Bonny Tyler og trenger være innendørs.

Skal si du er blitt sprek til å gå, tommelen i været for deg kjære venn, 15 km..., ikke til å tro!