Friday, December 11

Obama has left, Oslo is open for reflections

The Norwegian Press and also the International Media have for the last 36 + hours, been more than felt necessary occupied with Nobel Peace price 2009 and the laureate, Barack Hussein Obama II´s Lecture .
Today the President is onboard in Air Force One on his returning flight to USA, and our town is more or less on its way back to normal standard for its own citizens. My contribution to this weekend´s reflections is therefore a photo of a place in Oslo where the president did not find interesting enough to visit; Akershus Castle at the Oslo Fjord, taken from the Aker Brygge where eks President Bill Clinton has been earlier and even visited the restaurant D/S Louise for a meal.
When 10 to 15.000 people gathered in front of Grand Hotel to honor the prize Winner, I worked in my studio on the above painting.
I started my autodidactic approach towards painting competence by studying Johan Fredrik Michelet book: "Modern Painting from illusions to abstractions" from 1951. My version of Michelet´s painting " Yellow Spring" must be seen related to my desire to move southward during the winter and an honor to his work.

James at Newtown Area Photo has a meme called Weekend Reflections. Post a reflection during the week-end, log on to MckLinky via his site - and you're on.


Greyscale Territory said...

Quite a gallery of light reflections on thwe water! And your painting is so cheerful and bright!

ANNA-LYS said...

Underbart måleri i så väl ord som bild!

men, han åker väl inte hem utan att stanna till på Klimatmötet i Köpenhamn?

Ha en fin Lucia!

Serendipity said...

Beautiful. I love night time reflections.

Chef Kar said...

Beautiful photo and gorgeous painting. I love what you have done!

Weekend Reflections ~ A Watery Theme

awarewriter said...

I like your reflections. Photo and words. Did you have to send that self-serving idiot back to the US?