Tuesday, December 1

Minus 2C outside - time for Studio activities

After visiting the nutrition physiologist at the National Hospital this morning (HbA1C=6.3), I felt for a walk. The precipitation the last days has resulted in snow around and partly ice on lake "Sognsvann". The trail was slippery, temperature -2C, but blue sky and no wind. Satisfactory, and felt great afterwards.
In addition to my increased physical activities both by speedy walking in forest trails and sweating at Elixia Health and Wellness Center, I have spent more time in my painting studio lately. I have tried to work out some darker shades of colors than normal. Maybe it is the time of the year with only six hours of daylight, that inspires me for more "minor-scaled" works.
Motives? no radical changes. Title: Fatigue?
More of my paintings can be found at My Gallery

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