Friday, December 25

Public presentation of my photos

On pages 53 and 57 in the "Outdoor Excursions in Lesja" brochure from my two photos shown here have been used to promote the beautiful mountain area along the E 136 ( European highway which goes from Ålesund up through the Romsdal valley and crossing into the upper Gudbrandsdal valley to end at Dombås.)
On the first photo my wife is skiing in the Culture Landscape at Bjorli, and on the photo below my "Old Bunch" is walking up Asbjørndalen towards Gråhøe (altitude 2014 m) and all the DNT Cottages in Tafjord Mountains


Anne said...

Er der rart???!!!!! noe så sinnsykt vakkert :-) God morgen foressten, tidlig opp eller sent i seng Arne?

Dagrun said...

Utrolig flotte bilder, så det synes jeg var vel fortjent!