Sunday, December 27

Time for Beauty has presented images of snow crystals from the air temperature is between minus 10 and minus 20 degrees C, the greatest chance that the crystals are symmetrical can be obtained. In dry air the crystals do not stick together as easily as in moist air. Is the air temperature near 0 degrees C, it also found drops of supercooled water, and this seems like glue on the crystals.
That a snowflake always have six sides is perhaps not known for most people. The crystals are actually so small that you need a microscope to see them.
Visit the site and find your favorite among the 25 images.


Tor said...

I am truly amazed! The shapes made from the nature are fantastic!

By the way. I looked at some of the other bloggposts, and I must say I like it!

The very best wishes for the season and a happy new year to you and your familiy!

Anne said...

Så mye en ikke vet, men som du kan fortelle meg :-) Glad du er til jeg Arne.

9na said...

Fantastiske bilder.