Wednesday, December 2

No question, it has to be Spain soon

This morning it was -8C at 7am. Clear and cold sky and no chance for the sun to create any improved temperature during the day. The weather forecast tells that the zero C line can be crossed in the morning on Friday, but only to receive some snow before we will see the minus degree again. Winter is here.
Perhaps that is why family and friends send photos from southern Spain. First my brother-in-law on his way back from today shopping at their local; Lidl.
Far south, at the Canaries, AnneKath. has spent some weeks on sun beds and in luxury Spas.

Envy, is the right word, I have to make a move soon.

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Randi's Tanker said...

16 days to go... Lucky me. Will stay in Puerto de Mogan for 3 weeks ;-)