Thursday, December 10

Terje Fagermo and Lars Laumann

"Fagermo’s work belongs to a type of painting that is widespread and independent of geographical origin. Fagermo’s paintings are both artistically, and in choice of motif, rooted in an amalgamation of local references and the leading art trends during the period of nearly 60 years in which he has been active."
This quote is from Robert Sandelson´s presentation of this spectacular Norwegian artist, where his works are on the wall until December 18th together with some of Edward Munch´s works. Terje´s 30 works for sale on the exhibition in London are all sold. Congratulation!
We all can understand his joy. A brief presentation of Terje can also be found in the Foreigner
We applaude Terje with his definite international breakthrough
Now there are plans for exhibitions in Paris, New York, Munich and Sydney.More locally, in Oslo - Kunstnerforbundet - Wednesday 9th evening, Olav Christopher Jenssen , chair of the Jury of Statoil Art Award 2009 presented the winner of 500.000 nok.
And the winner was Lars Laumann, here at the ceremony between two other nominees: Anawana Haloba left and Marius Eng right.

I do not need to post many details from the after party at Kunstnernes Hus, but it was a great gathering for Oslo based artists and art lovers. Maybe the next award (2010 or 2011) should include a more thorough global presentation and promotion of a young artist at an international venue. You do not need to be 77 years, like Terje Fagermo, to get your international breakthrough.


RuneE said...

Så har vi lært noe idag også - takk for det.

Anne said...

Ja... den ene har man da hørt om, men hvorfor var jeg så sikker på at det var skrevet om Obama her i dag???