Sunday, March 24

409 km and 331 km at Costa del Sol winter 2013

Tonight I have the pleasure to present two very active persons during their LONG STAY at Coslt del Sol and Fuengirola. The sculpture of the Pesetas in Los Boliches is normally our turning point and this winter we have passed or turned it on our morning exercise around this point.
We have during our 6 weeks in Andalusia walked a long distance in the mornings or during the days.
You can scroll down through my blog to see our experiences from we arrived to our departure day tomorrow.
Totally Tullen walked (and jogged) 409 km in six weeks and I reached the 331 km. BRAVO!

This morning, on her last day, Tullen made a new record from the hotel to the Pesetas and back. Jogging and slowing down in intervals made her new record. 9 km/hours great!!

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