Saturday, March 2

Beaches - Los Alamos to Benalmadena

Walking alongside the beaches from Los Alamos, where the train to Malaga takes us in 25 minutes (plus 24 min from the hotel) to the bus in Benalmadena has been a returning event for us here in Andalusia. So also this Saturday.
 From the starting point we could see the snow on the peak of the mountain above / behind Malaga City
In Los Alamor we see all the way to Malaga and before that San Juan south of the Malaga airport.
 Turning 180 deg we see the long beach toward the cat point before la Carihuela beach begins.
 Having moved all the way along the Carihuela beach and entering the port of Benalmadena, Malaga is more and more in the distance.
Benalmadena beach is also a wonderful view and in the middle we normally have our lunch. Today Chicken Curry Thai Style.
 Waiting for the bus to bring us back to Fuengirola, and the last walk along the beaches toward the Castle Solei and the hotel, we can see the young kids competing in their small sail boats off the beach.

A special weather this Saturday, but 7 hour total and 3,5 hours walking time, makes us the Saturday

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