Monday, March 18


The idea of this blogpost came this morning when the hotel cat came to welcome us to the pool. She knows very well which sun bed to climb into (never on mine) and here we see her between T´s legs.
John B(jarne) and his cozy smile is the first person to be presented. John B is almost 86 years old and have stayed here in southern Spain for many, many years together with his wife Karen. They are leaving for Norway in a few days, but we look forward to see them again on our next stay at Costa del Sol.
A portrait-serie without including a self portrait of the editor would not be possible. This one with my special white sun glasses is a good example of the relaxed life we are living when staying in Fuengirola. Here too: Life is great.
Based upon some strong wishes and honoring John John´s marketing of my blog to almost everybody at Hotel Myramar, I include his daughter VIVIENNE in this blogpost. She is one of my favorite readers, and hopefully she will start to give feedback and comments on the posts´ content.
Just click on the comment link at the end of the post and follow the instructions.
Another nice person we have met this winter is Elizabeth from Colombia. She is a waitress at one of our often visited restaurants. Always smiling and giving the most of services so we feel welcome every time. This image together with Tullen was the way she wanted to be photographed.

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