Thursday, March 21

Nuestra Costa - Our Coast

When we talk and write about Costa del Sol we in reality only mean a part of the coast between Malaga and Gibraltar. Our coast is more or less the distance between Los Alamos (close to Malaga Airport) and Fuengirola River / (Sohail Castle).
We also go to Malaga and Marbella / Puerto Banus, and have visited cities like Ronda, Sevilla, Cordoba, Nerja and Granada, but the area on the map above is OUR Costa del Sol.
Except the distance between Benalmadena and Carvajal there is a fantastic promenade and very easy to run, stroll or walk (as we do). Hundreds of cafes or restaurants can be found with all kind of international food and drinks. In some places the tourist industry has taken completely over the shops, but all International shops can be found.
That is why we return year after year and sometimes twice a year.

The photo above is from the App Flightradar24 Pro. test it out and learn which airplane makes the stripes on the sky above your head .

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