Tuesday, March 26

Home to a different world

After a nice flight with SAS yesterday, a son-in-law that picked us up at the airport and coming home to a warm apartment, it was first this morning we started to think about the differences between Spain and Norway.
First it is the temperature:
 The weather in Fuengirola on top and in Oslo below .
It is up to you to decide where to be in the coming days, but it looks that we are approximately 20C below yours at the beginning of Easter. It is nice but cold outside our windows.

The second difference must be the speed on my internal WiFi compared to what we have experienced the last 6 weeks in Spain. It is good to be back in that respect.

We will also take the opportunity to thank all our friends at Myramar for the long stay this winter. We really believe that the Happy Hours will not be the same after we left.

Happy Easter to you all.

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