Thursday, March 28

Maundy Thursday at the Cottage

Thursday in Easter Week is a public holiday here in Norway. Maundy Thursday commemorates the Last Supper in the Canonical gospels. We do not celebrate these Christian activities in church and elsewhere.
We went to the cottage to see how the winter had taken care of our property, and everything looks ok, except the loads of snow still covering the area.
 To get a place where we could place our outdoor furniture, >10 m3  of snow had to be removed. Lucky us we both could use our muscles. The dry consistency of the snow made it easier than if the snow had been wet and heavy. We could cut out blocks and throw them out on the lane.

The consistency is even better seen on the image above. We see how many snowfalls it has been in Oslo this winter. It is also an example of why the avalanche danger is so high all over Norway this Easter. The different layers can easy start to slide. At the horizontal terrace landslides is no problem.
 Almost finished. The back and shoulders are hurting. Happy us that our hearts are in good condition. Snow shoveling is not recommended for people with heart problems. My new one is in great shape.
Then it is time for relaxation. The Count and Countess of "bare ground" sit and feel the warmth of the sun although the temperature is close to Zero. The cottage season has not yet started but it is coming closer for every day.

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