Tuesday, March 12

VIVA Bar & Restaurant, Fuengirola

Today´s recommendation is a newly opened Bar & Reataurant VIVA.
For many years we have visited the premises of The Claret Jug and the nice people (british and finish) operating this bar and restaurant. Last year they closed and left (?) Costa del Sol.

March 1st this year some Swedes have totally renovated the premises, cleaned up old dirt, painted walls and invested in new furniture. The result is very nice, but the most important is that they deliver VERY good food for an acceptable prize. Next week they will also install a WiFi to be used by customers.
We congratulate the new owners of Viva with the result and hope for a good return of their investment. We will absolutely return.

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Kicki said...

Thank you for the great comments on our place! We hope you will come back soon! /Kicki, mille and andreaz.