Monday, March 11

Speed here and there

Speed is an ever returning issue here at Myramar Aptos Hotel.
WiFi speed is an important quality parameter when the hotel announces "Internet access". This morning the measured speed from our apartment was as seen at the image above; 2M up and 2M down. That is what the management has told us we can expect. So this morning there is no reason to make any complaints.
The challenge is though that such speed is not what we can expect every day every hour. Sometime it is below 1M, sometimes not speed at all. Hopefully the Internet Supplier can offer the hotel a better priority when processing our activity in the months to come.

Another speed that has been discussed among some of the habitants, are the walking speed during our morning exercises. Normally I walk at a speed of 6 km / hour. That is fast enough for me.
My wife is quite faster when moving her feet along the beaches.
 This morning she walked almost 12km at an average speed of 7.7 km/h. For me that is really impressive, and as close to jogging as possible.
11.96 km in 1:34:10 is as far as I remember her record this winter. Congratulation, Tullen.

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