Sunday, March 17

Sightseeing Malaga

We have been in Malaga City many times. We know where to go and where we have our favorite bars, shops and things to see. However Malaga is a large city to cover by feet and we therefore recommend new visitors to use the HOP-on-HOPP-off bus for the first visit.
You will find the bus just outside the Malaga Centro Alameda (or Malaga Maria Sambrano) train-stop. If you follow the red route you can experience most of what I have covered on my photos below
The first photos are from the huge marketplace selling fresh fish, meat, fruits and breads. If using the bus, this is at the "M" of the map above. Therefore it is better better to reach on your second visit because the market is best in the mornings. (closes around 3pm)
You can for example get Salmon from Norway at a price of 14 Euro. Cheaper than in Oslo, Norway.
Delishious foods presented as art on the disks.
Close to the market along the Alameda Principal (main street) the flower ladies can offer you beautiful roses and other flowers.
 The bus will also take you to the Light House (6B) where a break for a morning coffee can be taken at the new harbor district, and you can see the famous beach "Malagueta" from this point.
The bus also stops at (or passes) the Bull Fighting Arena (F) before it takes you to mountain top and the castle Gibralfaro (9) where this photo is taken. At top right you see the Light House and the Cruice ships and the Yachts harbor.
 Coming down from the hill the bus stop close to the old Roman Theatre (11). From here you should use your feet through the old city.
You can walk to Picasso´s birthplace and his museum (only a few 100 steps), and of course visit the most famous bodega; "El Pimpi"
 At El Pimpi we recommend a plate of Jamon Bellota together with a glass of wine, but you can also add on some other Tapas and enjoy a beer if wanted.  
After the bar visit it´s time for the Cathedral or do some shopping at all kind of shops, from small "tourist traps" to the major design boutiques and dressing houses. They are all to be found along the main shopping street or in the narrow streets linked to that. 
Coffee wine and tapas bars are all over the city.
 One of the nice tapas bars we went to at our last visit is called "La Aldea". Can be recommended.
My wife has black belt in shopping, so a Malaga visit without bags on the train station after our visits, is unthinkable. 
The train from Fuengirola to Malaga takes 45 minutes and the train leaves every 20 minutes. Prices varies in weekends from other days, but a return thicket at 7 Euro can everybody afford down here.
Have a nice time in Malaga. Maybe we will see you at our next visit there.

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