Friday, March 29

Good Friday and Orange

Good Friday continued as Thursday. Snow shoveling at the cottage. In a way we also can say that we continue the exercise from Costa del Sol.
Acording to research in heart medicine we quote:
Snow shoveling can be a good alternative to a good run or other exercise at high intensity, which improve your fitness quickly. - But it is incredibly important to do it right, both for the back and the interests of the heart. We know that there are more cases of heart attack right after big snow fall, she says the researcher at NTNU. He recommends people to think of the work of removing the snow like a workout. Heat up well, take it easy in the beginning, dress well, and keep shoveling only for 20-30 minutes so that you get good and sweaty. (Take a break and go on again)
The break for us was to have an Orange at the patio cleaned of snow from yesterday. Easter is often linked to oranges in Norway. Somebody say that it has to do with the color symbolizing the sun, but Here is a more trustworthy explanation:
Previously we in Norway only got oranges when it was the season for Mediterranean oranges. They came at Christmas and had to be matured till Easter. That set the saying: "Christmas last until Easter." When, however, the fruit came to Norway around Easter , they were often the sweetest and best. It might be why oranges is associated with Easter, although today we can buy sweet and good oranges all year.
My orange today came from Spain.

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