Wednesday, March 13

Gracias por la Comida, Carlos

Tonight we had a surprising end of our Happy Hour gathering at the hotel. Managing Director Carlos Cano invited us for a closed dinner together with him and John John. Lilian and Knut was of course  participating.
 At the image above is Carlos together with my wife and John John (se earlier posts).

Thank you Carlos for a surprising invitation.
For all of you visiting the hotel, try the Club Sandwich  with eggs, chicken, salad and cheese on the lunch menu.
The evening ended after a 20 km walk by T and me in 3 hours from the hotel to the train, to Los Alamos, and back home including bus from Benalmadena to Carvajal, lunch at the Oasis and 7 km back from there to Myramar Aptos Hotel. A wonderful day in Costa del Sol.

PS 2
Malaga - Oporto 2 - 1 (agregated) The smile here is great

PS 3
Habemus Papa:  Pacolito primero

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