Thursday, April 10

Climate challenges and The Opera House once more

Today I want to show the different weather conditions around my corner
This week, A year ago and in 2006.
Not exactly the same date, but at this time of the year and we start with the "cleaning" of the street by removing of snow two years ago:I also made a photo-video with music by Abba about the whole snow-removing process.

Last year the volume of snow had decreased, but lasted for a longer period with bad weather.
This year the snow has taken a break, even though we have had some volumes for example in February and during Easter. The temperature has, as an average, been a little higher "than normal" and yesterday the street was washed at least a month before the previous years. Instead of snow the trucks moved away lots of mud.
I am indicating climate changes, and accept that something is happening. The big question is if the changes are manmade or occur as a consequence of "normal" variations. The discussions about this will continue. Today I am not part of the Al Gore hysteria. Discussions about the opening activities around our new Opera House in Oslo will go on too. A new video was presented by TV2 yesterday, and to all you Graffiti enthusiasts visiting my blog, take look at the video here.
but please do not bring your sprayboxes to Oslo.


mrsnesbitt said...

Morning Arne! Coming loud and clear on my new laptop!
Abba was wonderful as ever.
Global warming? I think it is natural not 100% man's doing. We can do our part but only that.

Ida said...

Svarer på morsmålet her....
Jeg tror at klimaendringene stort sett skyldes naturlige variasjoner. Men, at vi påvirker endringene er godt mulig. Uansett synest jeg at politikken rundt temaet ikke er helt stø. det kjøpes klimakvoter osv. Hjelper det da. Å betale for forurensningen. Den forsvinner ikke av den grunn. Pengene skal vel brukes til diverse tiltak. Veldig motstningsfylt, mener jeg. Alle (stort sett, her i landet) yter vel sin lille skjerv ved å kildesortere osv. Men, verden må sette søkelys og fokus på land som virkelig forurenser. Kina og India. Vi kjøper mye "søppel" derfra. Så, der bidrar vi til mer forurensing. I Kina er det tåker med forurensing, mens vi her lever i ett rent land og koser oss med våre matrielle goder.....

RuneE said...

2. I am not part of the FR.P "will not listen to expert-hysteria". The climate change is due to several natural occurring phenomena - with the humans doing there best on top. That is what is new - and dangerous.

2. The Opera is an "Oslo-thing", whatever the Oslo-media might say... :-)

Ackworth Born said...

I enjoyed the snow-clearing video. The weather is certainly changing in many ways and whilst human activity obviously plays some part, overall natural things beyond our control are overwhelmingly the strongest.

There should more emphasis and money spent on adapting to the changes [in the UK for example - NOT building houses in flood plains] rather than trying to prevent the ineviatble.

So-called carbon-taxes just diverts attention away from other things and lines the pockets of corporations who pretend to be environmental aware when they really doing little more than jumping on a bandwagon.

Nessa said...

I like "time lapse" images.

I'm with you on the global warming thing.

Lilli & Nevada said...

So what do they do with all that snow in the trucks?

luiz.ramosforest said...

Climate is the world environmental subject nowadays.

Anonymous said...

I like your series of photographs. I am also in the belief that our climate in changing and that in the end, we might not make it and then who will be left to care?

Your series of photographs are great for me to see.

Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio