Monday, April 21

Tuesday Facts - Drug dependency

Before my name and diagnosis more than ten years ago was put on the most precious list at all; The waiting list for organ donation, I remember one of the doctors told me that it was my choice. It was up to me if I would move from one medical condition to the other. Prolonging life through transplantation (if a suitable heart and kidney become available) was not only achieving the possibility to live and experience life for undefined months or years, it was also swapping to a world of drug dependency for the rest of my life. MY CHOICE!

I remembered that question when I went to the pharmacy yesterday morning to get medicine for the coming three months.All these medicines are necessary to keep the alien organs under control and make my body continuously accept the hearth and kidney from the donor. In addition medicines are required to treat side effects and balance one side effect with another.
Cyclosporin, Mycofenolat and Prednisolon are immunosuppressive properties used to prevent the rejection of grafts and transplants.
Nifediprin and Enalapril are for reducing blood pressure.
Fluvastatin is for lowering cholesterol and Allopurinol is for lowering urine acid.
Warfarin is a anti coagulation drug to prevent thromboses (after DVT) and Furosemide is a diuretics.
Pantoprazol is helping towards reflux oesophagitis.
Other drugs must be taken if we (and many do) develop osteoporosis and /or skin cancer, or at least protect us against UVa and UVb radiation. Further different medicine against infections and improvement of sexual activity may be necessary to continue to keep up the good survival figures. More than 50% of heart transplants in Norway live 12 years after the operation.

Yes, and I don´t regret.
The Yes to be on the list and the Yes from unknown persons who gave the organs when it was no more hope for their own loved ones. This gift for life make me live and experience springtime 2008 and these flowers in the garden close to the pharmacy once more. Thanks.


mrsnesbitt said...

The photograph puts this post into perspective Arne.
A moving post....yet so honest and truthful.

Anemone said...

Ohoi sann..., det var jaggu ta meg litt av en samling ja. Nesten et lite måtid i seg selv, men må man så må man...

Et himlane bra innlegg som vanlig.
Fås Cialis på blå esept, eller må dette betales av egen lommebok ??
Brenner litt for dette jeg da, tror jeg.

RuneE said...

Godt sagt!

Pernille's ting og tang said...

I'm so glad that you are with us. Very good text!

Neva said...

A very moving post...I am so glad you are doing so well....that is a powerful lot of drugs you have to take! I am sure it is second nature to you now!