Monday, April 14

Monday Odd Shot - rules or fun - Award from anna-lys

I have lately found myself being in opposition to strict rules and regulations in some of the blogging fellowships I have joined. I have certainly bended the rules, and am able to see that it may be wrong according to the idea behind. I have more or less been advised to think once more about my participation, and not express too many personal opinions. If in, follow the rules, if not, do something else.

The Odd Shots Monday has also rules and I find it for example difficult to follow the systematics in "only one odd shot a week". Same today. Shall I quit as I have done with Sky Watch Friday, or shall I post more than one odd photos without caring.

For me blogging is fun. It keeps my mind active. I’m always thinking "that would make a good post", "that would make a great picture", "the other bloggers would love that joke" as akelamalu says in the interview in David Macmahons blog.

My odd photos this Monday are odd because they are two, and in a way literally speaking, they are facing the same idea although the first is from 2004 in Tuscany at Villa Majonchi and the second from the old shopping centre Steen og Strøm in Oslo taking Saturday.
Another odd thing is Awards in Bloglandia.
From Anna-Lys, Sweden I got an award last Friday. Being concerned of other matters, I have not registered the award prior to her own comment at my blog, but I am honored and copy her argument for the award
ArneA (Norway) Your passionate work for awaking us to become donors hit us in the head, now and then. You also inform us about transplantations and important stuff and in-between that You show us a great sense of humour, culture and love, and You are an amazing photographer and erotic painter. I am a blood-donor and I will look into if I can give more, thanks to You "keep Up the Good Work"! (My heart You already got *lol*)


Blue said...


I've been guilty like you of breaking the rules, infact I think it was a post of mine last Monday that caused the reiteration of the Odd Shot ones. Everyone thought my second post of the day containing masses of odd snow shots was my Odd Shot entry for the week, but it wasn't, only 3 people realised that.

But, I tend to believe rules are often there to be broken, and as bloggings supposed to be about fun, one should do as one feels.
So I say, post as you want. I for one love lots of photo's.

And I really liked this weeks two shots. Saw something similar to the Tuscan one years ago in Italy too, can't remember the name of the town now - that'll bug me all day now!

Best wishes

RuneE said...

I agree - and I disagree.

There are many kinds of blogs, some that likes to expound on their subjects and some who like to be brief. The one doesn't exclude the other.

Your blog belong to the kind who likes to expound on things, often more than one thing. I, on the other hand, try yo take one thing at a time (but often with more than one photo).

An example: Sky Watch Friday is a photo presentation theme. And only that. The quality may be discussed, but OK, it is what it is. I usually make one picture with a short comment. If I want to say something else - I make another post.

ABC Wednesday is different, but has again only one main subject - the daily letter. This makes for combination of letters and pictures and lots of fun. But again: if I want to say something else - I make another post.

You wrote yourself once that there is nothing wrong in making several posts a day - so why not do it? You have lots of interesting things to say, and if you want to continue in various themes (I will not join more myself) - separate them from you daily musing. Both will also be easier to read end enjoy.

K. alias Bear-Mom said...

your pictures are fantastic and I think the idea behind is so deep too - this is also as explanation to ignore rules, I think. Content is important not quantity or format...
my shots are here:

Ida said...

Stilige "Odd Shot" bilder. Ble glad av det hele jeg.
Ett herlig virr-varr! ;)
Gratulerer med utmerkelse fra Anna-Lys også. Ta det til deg!
Forøvrig henger jeg meg på kommentaren fra Rune angående de andre tankene dine her, siden jeg er enig med han.
God uke til deg! :)

Anonymous said...

I like very much your photos and your posts. I say "Send as many as you want, it's a pleasure to visit your blog and see them".

Friendly greetings,

mrsnesbitt said...

Arne...I posted 3 pics today. I always interpret the theme as I see fit to do is the creative part in me...anything else would be boring and not me.
We love you for what you share. I do hope you continue with ABC Wednesday and dont feel restrained from the rules...


John said...

Ja dette var to morsomme Odd Shots Arne. Måtte dra på smile båndet.
Gratulerer med nok en Award.

GAWO said...

To morsomme bilder som henger bra sammen.

Sammen med Ida henger også jeg meg på kommentaren til Rune. Jeg tenker nok ganske så likt som han. Med flere poster er det lettere å få med seg posten. :-)

ANNA-LYS said...

We must with all our strength work against that rules shall destroy our spontaneity, creativity and fun.

I love this multimedia milieu just because it is hyper and serves creativity in a strange odd way.

We must not allow all of the "real world" life get online. Don't make this lovely chaotic world flat and dull, like a work-place.

ArneA this is our playground, if You let Yourself get into the squares and follow others lines ...

I will take the award and hit You in the head ;-))))


Anna R. Chist aka Anna-Lys

ANNA-LYS said...

Love Your shots (even if they follow the lines in a sharp message). I once went to a party with CD's as earrings ... that night was like music in my memory :-D

Jonna said...

I always find your photos very interesting and forget rules. You only live once, and post what you want, when you want to. That is MY vote. NO one should stand in the way of your expression. After all, this IS just blogging. I'll come to view your shots. LOL

Anemone said...

Gud så rare bilder, men så tøft. Nesten litt sigøyneraktig...

Vel, jeg grubler over dine refleksjoner og klarer ikke helt å bli enig med meg selv, men du kjenner jo litt mine synspunkter også da. HATER hvis blogging skal bli mer et press i alle fall.

Sharon said...

Congratulagions on the award!

I like your Odd Shots. I've seen CDs used as decorations before but never phones.

I'm sorry you will not be with Sky Watch Friday anymore, I always enjoyed your pictures.

ANNA-LYS said...

ArneA, please don't You think that we will come an look at Your creations if You are not a club member of this or that? We certainly will!

Now I am gonna be terrible honest;
Look at many of the comments in those "clubs" will walking from blog to blog. Many are just the same everywhere, copied!!! No intunation, just stressing around, not seeing. I prefer quality instead of quantity ... but, I don't even know how to make my own visitors to really see and listen. As for my present post, I say click on the picture, nobody even reads that short line, or about 2 out of 20.

So I am in a deep consideration if blogging is the way for my creations, because it is more of a social cafe, everybody talks, no one listen. How did this happen?
Why did blogging went into some social forum? Where did we go wrong? Did we go wrong, or are we just on the wrong place?

n8 n8 <3

dot said...

Arne, I have quit coming to your blog because I have many times felt like you were putting me down by your crude and sometimes very rude remarks in e-mail and on my blog. Others have also felt that you were crude and rude in your comments. What you do on your blog is your business but if someone else has a blog and makes a request then you should honor it. You and one or two others have put ME and Sky Watch down but yet you have come there and put your name on Mr. Linky many times. In other words you were using ME for your own good. Most times you were not even so considerate as to return a visit after I made many visits and comments on your blog. I personally do not enjoy reading long posts. It's all up to the individual. If you want traffic on your blog you need to look inside yourself and change your attitude towards others.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Perhaps you should start your own MEME and then you can have your own rules or no rules, I think that if one joins a meme they should respect what they want, i personally think it is disrespectful for someone to go against what someone wants. Its kind of like if your a smoker and you go visit a friend that isn't and they don't want you to smoke in there house. I think Katney has a very nice blog and wanted it to be a one shot item, don't like the rules don't participate.
Sorry there is a lot of blogs out there.

Katney said...

BTW, I forgot to say I've seen CDs hung in trees to discourage the birds from bothering the fruit.

ANNA-LYS said...

ArneA I have also found You rude in comments from now and then. But, to me that feels as genuine response, and sometimes it feels between the lines that You have a painful day. If we the bloggers only want to her birds singing in our comment boxes.

We will certainly after a couple of years sense a huge feeling of emptiness and false social interplay.

God, are people online only to be loved???? What is this??? Sarcasm I hate, but honest remarks, close to Your own subjective mood, that is real love!