Saturday, April 12

Saturday urban life - Walk in the city

Saturdays we always stroll downtown to feel the urban life. On our way from home we meet the challenges connected to using the tram or our feet on the 15 minutes walk . The weather must be extraordinary bad if the tram is our tool, but in the last years city-bicycles are available around the city free for use if you pay 70 nok a year.

If you plan to visit Oslo often look at the conditions for renting Citybycyles during your stay.

Normally you see photos of the Royal Castle from the front, and the main street Karl Johan, but we always see the backdoor on our way down Riddevold street.Further down to the main street we meet spring flowers in the Royal Garden and see that "Viola Canutta" are already planted at the bottom of the trees at Studenterlunden:On the top of the hill, before Karl Johan continue down to Oslo Central Station, the old shop selling gloves and hats, "Hallens", are rebuilt into a Restaurant. Three Brothers.A few yards from this bar and restaurant the very odd Ole Kopreitans peace-wagon with hundreds of buttons is located.Turning the face towards the Royal Castle again, we visit the Cafe Christiania for a lunch. The Urban Saturday life is normal as usual. Have a nice weekend wherever you are in Norway and around the world.


Sonia said...

Just great stroll downtown! I wish be there! LOVE all photos!

Have a nice weekend!

mrsnesbitt said...

What a delightful walk and also the fact this is part of your weekends. Great to do things together. We are hoping to get out on the motorbike later today, Sunday...the sun is still shining!


Katney said...

I have enjoyed strolling through the city with you.

I believe that Portland, Oregon has a bicycle sharing system of some sort, though the one you describe seems better organized.