Thursday, April 17

Sunset at Eidet

Somebody may believe it is an Atom bomb hitting target out in the west prior to the building of US Missile Shield. The strength of the sun is however many times the power of that possible mass destruction nuclear weapon, and the sun is extremely dangerous for us with reduced immunodeficiency. Make your UVa and UVb protection cream ready for the season.

The photo of sunset at Asbjørn and Anna Katharina´s wonderful residence close to the sea, taken on tuesday afternoon, gives a spectacular view and we look forward to stay there later this year.


RuneE said...

I'm going for a stroll wearing Factor 50 (though it will not protect me against nuclear weapons, be they offensive or defensive).

PS Nice name to the post!

Ida said...

Ja, der kan man nok kose seg i sene kveldtimer utover, med noe godt i glasset også, kanskje. ;)

Dick said...

Aaaw, it sees really like an atom bomb. Great picture.

Anemone said...

Nydelig !!

...og lo litt av dine refleksjoner rundt bildet, men heldigvis var det da nå ikke slik.