Saturday, April 19

Fire Brigade - Heroes all over the world

Wednesday March 26th we got the shocking news from Ålesund that a landslide had hit a house and destroyed the building. The lowest floors were totally demolished. 5 persons were missing.
Yesterday, 24 days later, the last of the persons perished was taken out of the building by the rescue team. In almost four weeks the fire brigades have worked day and nights in doing their job. Once again we have witnessed the heroic efforts made by these dedicated heroes, as they are all over the world.
The Brigadier in charge Ståle Linhardt, confirmed yesterday that the last person was taken out from the ruins
Normally we are used to see fire brigades high up in the sky.
During the last weeks we have learned much more of the job these highly qualified persons perform in the effort to save life and property.
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Anemone said...

Ålesund, New York and you name it !!!

mrsnesbitt said...

I had a fire incident at the age of 15! Still have nightmares about it! But I am her to tell the tale.

Dragonstar said...

Wonderful, courageous people.

That's a great shot of the ladder.