Sunday, April 13

The day thereafter - The Opera House opened

After a fantastic evening participating in the opening show of the new Opera House in Oslo, Norway, no comments necessary except that the photo is from Dagbladet
For those of you not being able to see the show direct on Norwegian Television, NRK1, and for those who want a re-happening, let us hope the 4 hours mountainous show will be distributed all over the world, and here come back every Saturday night.
See more of the Norwegian Opera & Ballet here


Anemone said...

Og jeg da, som syntes jeg så DEG på senen der..., syngende fra Figaros bryllup !!!

ANNA-LYS said...

Hello Figaro ;-)

I have awarded You at my blog, when You have stopped singing You can pick it up ;-)

(( Love ))

ANNA-LYS said...

Dear Award Winner!

I hate to do this myself, so I understand, honestly I understand if You just take the award, because they are heavy on my blog. I do not, absolutely not, mean to force You into doing the same. I have not put up any rules, it is completely up to YOU :-))

Your Anna-rchist

GAWO said...

Jeg fulgte ivrig med på åpningen kan du skjønne. Fantastisk! Og jeg håper virkelig at jeg får oppleve både å spasere på taket og høre akustikken. Din søndagstur gikk kanskje på marmor?

Ida said...

Fantastisk! :)
Fikk med meg det hele fra sofakroken.