Sunday, March 7

Ålesund / Sunnmøre 360 ° SkyCam panoramic images

I want to inform you about the sites of 62 ° NORD covering of one of the worlds most beautiful areas.

62 ° NORTH launched on Friday 5th March in collaboration with Finn Photo Project AS and myVR Software AS a web / photo solution that allows you to view 360 ° SkyCam panoramic images on the web - interactive, fast and with high resolution. Unique panoramic images taken in the air from helicopter makes it possible to present pictures from special angles. Norway´s perhaps most exciting tourist region; Ålesund-Geiranger is now covered with this technology.

On this link: you can see and experience this wonderful area. It's all presented with a delicious full screen panoramic images in high quality. Inform yourself about the sights, get in and out of Norway's most beautiful fjords and experience the beauty of the mountains and the areas where my ancestors once lived.

The first screen-photo was from Ålesund, the second from the Sunnmøre Alps and the last from Trollstigen mountain road.

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Anne said...

Hmmm, jasså tenker jeg, du vil ha turister hit nå, og jeg tok en opptelling av de flagga i margen til høyre her, ja ja, klapp på skuldra av diverse turistsjefer og spark i ræva av diverse bønder :-) he he du Arne, du Arne!!