Tuesday, March 16

Performing artist in Malaga

At every red light stopping the trafic at this pedestrian field in Malaga the artist performed her jiggling before she on yellow quickly took up her cap and asked car drivers for money. One eye on her clubs and the other on the trafic light. Dangerous activity, but nobody started to pass the pedestrian field before the green light had been on for a few minutes.Arne and Tullen are not performing artists anymore although the performance of the Marathon runner and the Piano player could absolutely compete with the street artist above.

But due to the fact that AaFK (Aalesunds Fotballklubb) took their first home victory on Sunday , and Arne is a full-blooded Aafk-fan, I had to add this photo showing him on H.C.Andersen´s bench in Malaga to this post. He smiled then and I think he smiled even more after the match (beat LSK 3 - 0). Btw we all apreciated the result.

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