Thursday, March 11

The Movie Star - My wife

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while, must have noticed that I love to take photos including my wife. Some years ago I always included her, but when all these blog-memes became an important part of my blogging activity, I made photos of objects instead of stories. I therefore have tuned down the meme participation and increased using Tullen as a model again.The first photo is therefore a good example of how to tell this post´s story and using Tullen by part of that. "Ven a moviestar" or See one.
Shooting her in a shop in Puerto Banus where most celebrities are buying their shoes is another example of presenting the lady with black belt in shopping.Strolling the Paseo Maritim or the Beach Terrace in Marbella together with our "local living" friend Audun Bell cannot be classifies in other ways than "Posh".
However, we can be tourists too. Watching the view over Fuengirola from Mijas,or posing in front of the Plaza Toros in the same city,and taking a brake in front of the open fireplace in a cafe at the same location, show only her beauty in every environment.

My two last photos of Tulen in this post tells the story of the weather variety we experienced. From sun to rain, from warm sunshine to cold, wet and unpleasant conditions.
but all these diversities can be seen through different spectacles and sometimes compared with the alternatives; staying in the cold and heavy snow back in Norway.


Anne said...

Ja, at det er en stilig dame```ja, det er det ingen som helst tvil om, heldig du Arne :-)

9na said...

Love is in the air... Flott!