Thursday, March 18

Back to normal - Winter in Norway

With a photo taken over the Swiss Alps (and presented as a Sky Watch photo) we have returned to the winter in Norway.
Here we were met by environmental fines (4 x 500 nok) from Oslo municipality due to late removal of icicles. Although we had marked the sidewalks with public warnings and ordered lifts for removal, the trafic personell / parking guard had taken their photos and issued fines. Complaints made results and reduced fines.
The winter is also present at the coastal ares of western Norway. Asbjørn is well dressed for a walk along the beaches, but also (when carrying a cap), able to take an outdoor bath in his Jacuzzi.
In Oslo, Bølgen & Moi at Tjuvholmen has opened their Saturday spring luncheons with favorable prizes for "the house champagne". The food is always very good at these restaurants, so a competitor to our normal lunch location C.C. has occurred.
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Anne said...

Jøsses Arne som du har fanget fjellene :-) helt mega!!


Irene said...

Veldig bra bilde av Alpene. Ikke lett å ta bilde ut av flyvinduene, blir ofte så blasse!asompen

J Bar said...

Beautiful scenes.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Kcalpesh said...

Stunning & Breathtaking shots! Awesome!

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