Tuesday, March 9

Palm trees in different weather

When staying in Spain or other "sun-warm" places we normally see the palms from below while laying horizontally on hot sun beds and the body full of UV-protection creams.
The weather February 2010 with rain and strong chilly wind reduced the number of sun burning days to a minimum. Not to be crying too much for as a heart and kidney transplanted person.
Transplant recipients, because of the lifelong immunosuppressive medication we must take to prevent graft rejection, are 60–250 times more likely to develop skin cancer than the general population.But the weather is changing fast and at Malagueta Beach in Malaga you can just laze around and relax while eating your fill of "pescaito frito" and/or enjoy a "Copa de Cava".
The Playa de la Malagueta is a popular choice for both locals and tourists for sunbathing and swimming. The La Malagueta Beach is 60 meters wide and 2,500 meters long. It is actually an artificial beach made from sand imported from the Sahara desert. The origin of the palm trees are unknown.
Whatever weather during the day we could however in evenings see both palms and the almost full moon on the blue sky.
Palms are also part of our indoor decorations both here and there. The next photo is from the Olive Museum in Mijas. Almost like home, and for the Interior group of ladies, what about fitting rooms like this at home:

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Anne said...

Ikke bare godvær der heller nei..., men :-) trøstes med da Arne, for et prøverom, he he En kan nesten ikke forestille seg en blek litt overvektig Kari Nordmann inni der, vil jo ikke få plass jo :-)