Friday, March 5

Our three H grandchildren i Wales

Today I am in for a 12 years TX control. So many years prolongation of life after heart and kidney failure mid nineties has given me pleasure in experiencing the birth and growth of four grandchildren. Three of them are living in Wales, UK and the youngest Hedda Emilie is developing well after her (as her siblings) too early birth in January. While Helene and Henrik Isak are busy watching a movie or what ever (maybe the father is performing pantomime in their private theatre?), their youngest sister is still at the hospital.
Hedda Emilie is developing great. She is, as a preemie taken good care of by professionals at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and has added almost 90% weight since her birth at 647 gr. She is now 6 weeks + 2 days (33 weeks) and about 1225 gr.
It is safe to hold her mother´s hand or finger. We are proud of you all.


RuneE said...

Hyggelig å se og høre at det går bra både med unge og "gamle" :-)

Anne said...

Fremover og oppover dag etter dag, så BRA!! KJEMPEBRA!!