Sunday, March 21

My blog´s 5th anniversary - Happy Birthday

Today my blog has birthday. It is 5 years since I posted my first text :

"This is Tullen and Arne´s Blog. Hopefully there will be lot of text in this Blog"

This is my post no 1.110
During these 5 years not only text has been presented. Photos, slide shows and a few videos have been shared with visitors from all over the world. Lots of references and links to interesting websites have been distributed.Visitors from 156 countries have found my blog since I started the registration on July 20 2008. January 31st 2008 I made the decision to swap from Norwegian text to English on permanent basis, and text related to photos has been my visual profile during all these years.
59% of the visitors come from countries other than Norway. You are all very welcome.
Life is still great.


Anne said...

Gratulerer!!!! glad du er her :-)

RuneE said...

Gratulerer!! Godt gjort at du fant den første. Blogger synes å ha gjemt bort alt jeg gjorde før mars 2006.