Monday, March 8

Spring is arriving in Andalusia

The new flowers are coming in southern Spain. Do not ask about names, but feel the same as we did when strolling around and felt the spring coming closer every day. This is from the road between Benalmadena and Fuengirola.
At the Gibralfaro castle in Malaga the Almond trees are in full blossom prior to the arrival of leaves.
In the old city of Marbella the Bougainvilleas are flowing over the house balconies covering part of the old walls
In Marbella´s gardens and parks flowers and sculptures are competing for our attentions.
In Malaga´s "Ramblas" the flowers are for sale at almost no cost. No surprise that the flower lady was proud of her beautiful flower pots.

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Anne said...

Sukkkkk, en kjenner nesten lukta av de flotte bomstene, og jeg er overbevist om at en favn med roser der nede sikkert koster bare en brøkdel av det her hjemme, synd.