Saturday, March 13

Beach life in Spanish Winter

The beauty of the Mediterranean Sea seen from beach terraces during winter in southern Spain can fully compete with the beauty of the white clean snow in Norway.
Local fishermen are searching for their catch in the morning and the stormy weather during last night has made the fish coming closer to the beach than normal
The water is curling into the arched form and breaking on the shore giving the turquoise color a green-grey or brown image.
Only trained surfers in special suits dare to enter the waves. No bathing can take place. The temperature in the water is too low at this time of the year.
But not only the temperature is a challenge. The flooding of rivers due to continuous raining and the stormy weather has sent a lot of bamboo and canes into the water. Swimming can be more than dangerous.
However, help is not far away. Maintenance of the beaches are highly prioritized in this country, and tractors are every morning busy with cleaning if necessary.
The great volume of garbage are quickly gathered and taken away by lorries. (Just dream about the ability of removing dirty snow in our "the world riches country" streets at the same time. Once a year?).
Soon thereafter we again can stroll along the Paseo Maritime. Looking at the sea and the beautiful beaches, and stop at our favorite cafe for a coffee, beer or copa de cava. Winter in southern Spain will be repeated. May be even earlier. Come and join us.


RuneE said...

No bathing?? Pity.

Anne said...

Noen ganger kan du være utrolig irriterende, som NÅ!!!! selv om det ikke var mulig å bade der er jeg sikkert på at dere adde en `pool` å plaske i.

Men på de strendene der skulle Gunda og jeg vært du, ser ut som det er en del driv ved å sanke der, eller der det bare gress tro???

HÆR sjø..., skitt å, 40 cm med nysnø det siste døgnet, sukk sukk og atter sukk...

Nei, i kveld blir det nok en pure malt du, så skal en drikke snøen bort i løpet av kvelden, he he


Hilda said...

Lovely light reflecting on the water. Too bad it's too cold to go swimming. I love the beach!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

GundaM said...

Du har begynt å tina til skjønner jeg.
Det første som slo meg her nå da jeg så bildene var at dersom all denne veden fikk ligge hadde det blitt innmari masse flott drivved utav det...Amen

ruma2008 said...

Takk for at du viser flott natur.

Fra Østen.
Med vennlig hilsen.