Wednesday, March 17

An ordinary day in Spain

I received a Mail from Audun Bell on Monday telling me that he now more than before followed my blog after our last meeting in Marbella, and he was impressed of my documentation from our long term stay Spain this winter. Thanks Audun.

That made me publish a final post describing an ordinary day at Costa del Sol.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and with self-catering arrangement at the hotel the meal was almost a copy of the Norwegian although at half prize or less.
In the mornings when temperature and sunshine was kind enough, some hours before lunch could be spent in the garden by the swimming pool. (High UV factor of corse)

A walk along the beach (Marbella here) after lunch and / or a glass of white wine at a restaurant can be nice, but in these days the umbrella must be mandatory accessories if you want to be outdoor. In the horizon we could see Gibraltar on clear daysand when visiting the house of Gerd and Arne in Calahonda the "Room with a view" became a reality.
On the way back to the Apartment Hotel we could see the low sun illuminating Torreblanca, and up to "the white city" Mijas and the mountains behind.
A visit to the 8100 kvm large Eroski Supermarket at Parque Miramar had to be visited. They had absolutely everything.Then the last sun beams of the day had to be caught together with an afternoon tea or a cup of coffee, before the dark of the night could arrive.


RuneE said...

Vi er begynt med paraply igjen her også nå - snøen minker meget fort. Men så var det solen da...

Anne said...

Ja jøss kar, her ser en nesten snø når en sover :-(