Friday, March 12

"Paintings" to be seen in Malaga, Marbella and Fuengirola

My first "painting" in this post show how nature is composing an abstract image of water and wind in our swimming pool at Hotel Castle Beach.
The next is a huge copy of Picasso´s imitation (1955) of Eugene Delacroix´s Algerian Women (1834) hanging on a house-wall at Plaza Picasso Malaga.
In Kahnweiler's imaginary dialogue, Picasso tells Delacroix: "You took what you could from Rubens and made Delacroix of it. In the same way, I think of you and what I make is my own."
If visitingMy Gallery you will see that I many times have made Picasso´s words my own.
In the old city of Marbella you can visit the church "Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de la Encarnacion" and see this Icon painting. A beautiful image made of gold and pearls.
In a furniture shop selling Ekornes Stressless in Fuengirola this painting was on sale for almost the same (discount) prize: 957 euros. I liked the Miro inspired painting.


Anne said...

He he ja hva skal man si??? gi meg heller det maleriet du, for en stressless kommer ikke under dette tak i alle fall.

Silig det bilde fra bassenget!!

James said...

I like all of the paintings. I prefer to see them for free rather than pay 957 euros. The water on to is beautiful and you captured it nicely.
My post is also a natural painting :)