Monday, March 22

Steve Jobs: "I was very fortunate"

A year ago Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, received a strongly needed new liver through a liver transplantation.
Jobs told other transplant survivors who attended the crowded Friday news conference at Stanford's Lucile Packard Children's Hospital , "I'm feeling fine. I almost died. It's been a pretty good last few months."
"I was almost one of the ones that died waiting for a liver in California last year," said Jobs, whippet-thin but healthy. He appeared at a brief event with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to unveil a new legislative effort to greatly expand the number of California organ donors.To read more and see the video of this presentation about the push for California´s Organ Donor Registry you can click on this link from MercuryNews.Com

Living in Norway do as senator Elaine Alquist, D-San Jose says in the video:
"Choose Life - Say YES",
by make your decision today. Inform your relatives today and fill in your Donor Card
through Stiftelsen Organdonasjon.


Anne said...

Utrolig viktig budskap Arne, du kjemper for saken, og jeg liker det!!

RuneE said...

And maybe the Obama's new Health plan may make transplantation an option for the common American too?

At least they now have an icon as a symbol in their campaign - it is sorely needed.