Wednesday, July 23

Art, Artist, Arne and Acrylic on Canvas

ABC Wednesday has opened the 3rd round and in a New version.
A is for Altered .

Hopefully this version will give us a better way of presenting text and photos under the ABC Wednesday umbrella. Looking back to January 23rd when I joined the ABC alphabet blog meme, I see that I have not moved far away from my understanding of A
A is still Art, Artist, Arne and Acrylic painting

and my last work called Allegro.
Hopefully many new bloggers will find their way to ABC Wednesday and together with the "old" bloggers create a site of interest for all and not only use the meme as a switchboard for marketing own sites.
However, you are always welcome to visit me at Arne´s Bog


Michelle said...

First visit..another artist...I enjoyed my visit and your work reminds me of some of what my Mom has done..that is a good thing...


hi Arne, i live on the west coast of crete - chania/hania - are you planning to stay in one place or move around - are you planning to go to another area of crete?
let me know if you need any info

Petunia said...

Skal si at du kan svinge malekosten! Har du modell som sitter for deg eller maler du etter fantasi eller bilder?
I alle fall utrolig bra!
Jeg er ikke med på denne nye bloggen denne gangen. Jeg er på hytten og får bare mailen til Denise i retur. Jeg klarer å blogge, men ikke sende epost.
Jeg har nå laget et A innlegg likevel da. Du finner det her

Tash said...

Arne, an absolutely attractive, artistic blog. I enjoyed your nudes. I have stamps of reclining nudes from former Yugoslavia that re-enforce your statement of a classic pose.