Tuesday, July 1

Tuesday Facts - Norddal, Møre og Romsdal, Norway

Just returned to Oslo after a lovely week in the wonderful Møre og Romsdal at the north west of Norway.
The picture shows the Altar Table of the church of Norddal built in 1782. The Altar dates from the late middle ages (1510-20). The church is an octagonal church with seats for more than 350 persons. The church steeple is build in classic baroque style.
At the churchyard many of the 40 dead from the Tafjord Tragedy April 7. 1934 are buried.
3 mill cubic of the mountain fell down in the fjord creating a tsunami of 64 meters. The people living in the Tafjord fjord knew about the danger, but nothing was done prior tho the tragedy.
These flowers may be in memory to all the victims.Today we face a similar challenge at Åkneset. and the local population are worried but still celebrates the annual market including veteran boat parade.The background picture is taken from the Norddal shore towards Valldal anf Tafjord.


Anemone said...

Meget interessang lesning. Dette visste jeg faktisk ikke om !!

Ser ut til at dere har hatt en flott tur da, selv om du var avbildet i regnklær :-))

reader Wil said...

These photos awake a lot of good memories of the holidays we stayed in your beautiful country. You write about the tsunami. I always fear that prekestolen will one day an immense tsunami, for it looks as if an enormous piece of this rock will break off it.